FCYBL Rankings

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The following rankings are based on game results from the 2019-2020 FCYBL season.

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Rankings are based on win percentages and tiebreakers (including the lottery draw). Details about the rules can be found on the FCYBL website. Some notes:

  • Wins are worth 1 point, ties worth 0.5 points, and losses 0 points.
  • Teams are sorted by win percentage within a group (the first group is the whole division).
  • Teams are then sub-grouped by winning percentage (where it is the same) and the process repeats.
        - Note, when only two teams are in a sub-group, it is called "head-to-head", but the process is the same.
  • When a team in a group has no games against other teams in that group, it is recorded as 0-0 and ranked as 0.500. This is denoted as ----- below.
  • When teams can no longer be compared based on winning percentage within their sub-group, the lottery draw is used.
        - This can be seen when the tiebreaker (TB) is an integer (no decimals).

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